Based in Northern California, Tamar is a Visual artist specializing in painting. 

She paints with acrylics and oils. Using a combination of the mischtechnique, classic methods from the old masters and her own intuitive paint theory she paints canvas pieces, large scale murals and things in between.

She is inspired by the beauty and patterns of nature, plant medicine, indigenous teachings, self inquiry, social justice, growth, strong women and transformation.

Her art, like herself is in a constant state of evolution. Her style changes as does she. She prefers not to be placed in a box. Trusting her intuition, creating from the soul. 

Committed to a life long journey of art, self discovery and spiritual growth. Tamar has been drawn to energetic places and people all over the world. Traveling extensively and living in different cultures, learning from and collaborating with other visionaries and creatives worldwide. 


 Artist Statement: 

'I use art as a portal to other dimensions. It is my connection with spirit and my way of finding balance in a un-balanced world.

I hope by creating these works I am inspiring others to create authentically and follow their true calling. To believe in themselves and heal themselves and the earth through the act of creating consciously. '