As much as we all need money in this world, wouldn’t it be nice if we could also trade our skills and services and omit money sometimes.  I think so. 

I’ve decided to start a trade option for obtaining my artwork. 

Below is a list of things I would be willing to trade for canvas prints, original art or mural work. 
The item or service to be traded would be around the same value as the artwork or mural service. 

Partial trade/cash is also an option. Get in touch if this speaks to you and if you would like to trade :) 

✽ Website design/Upgrade

✽ Marketing 

✽ Social media management 

✽ Natural building courses

✽ Permaculture course 

✽ Natural pigment making course 

✽ Herbalism course 

✽ Accommodation/travel in a beautiful place :)