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'My Body My Choice' - Free download

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‘My Body My Choice’ 

An act of ‘Artivism’ - Making artwork to stand up for a cause I firmly believe in. 
The news of the overturn of Roe vs Wade shocked me and many. 
This ruling is going to put so many women and girls in unnecessary danger as they may have to seek ‘backdoor’ abortions. 
Doctors and nurses also will have their jobs on the line for wanting to do the right thing and help. 

It is NOT ok in any way.

Access to abortion is a human right.

I am offering a high resolution digital image of my painting ‘My Body My Choice’ available to download for free. You can print it out yourself or take it to a printer to be made into a banner to take to a protest. 

Please let me know if you have any questions. ❤️